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Buying a Birthday Gift Comments Off

Posted on April 18, 2013 by dorischua

So what do you buy for a man who has everything from a luxury tie to a set of quality golf clubs? This uncle of mine is a musician and I’m cracking my head on what to buy for him for his 50th birthday. He did tell his family how much he wants an exciting akai mpk49 and they were thinking of getting it as a surprise for him. Those who love music know it is actually exciting to receive gifts that are practical and useful. Don’t you agree?

Learning about Hong Kong Comments Off

Posted on March 08, 2013 by dorischua

Hong Kong is an international city and it has vast number of tourists come from all over the world in all year round. According to the Hong Kong Government statistics, the number of international tourists visited Hong Kong in 2005 reaches 10.8 million which represents a 13.1% increase when compared to 2004. Countries such as Australia, Canada, French, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korean, Thailand, British and United States all contributes significant tourist growth for Hong Kong. This article presents some critical traveler tips for tourists so that you could enjoy more and have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong.

Being Smartwise Comments Off

Posted on March 08, 2013 by dorischua

I’m not sure about you but I haven’t been buying any books off line for some time now. That is because, you can save alot of money if you buy books online. Even if you plan to sell books, there are sites that let you do that and you can connect with many buyers around the world in an instant. Not only is it time saving, it is definitely a smarter thing to do in the long run.

Shopping for Stuff Online Comments Off

Posted on February 19, 2013 by dorischua

I can’t wait for my yarn to arrive from UK. It’s been a few years since I started shopping online and it’s a lot of savings for me. I was searching online for some fixture clamps for my hubby and he was amazed at the selections available and it’s alot easier compared to searching in a hardware store, where there are millions of products. With this convenience, you just need to search for the right item and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Back to Workforce Comments Off

Posted on November 21, 2012 by dorischua

I was speaking to a friend yesterday on why she had to go back to workforce. With inflation rising in the world and in this country, she can’t helped but get herself a job and give some assistance to the family. She is required to wear work uniform and just like many companies, her boss find work clothes for women to give them a sense of identity and belonging to the company. That way, many employees don’t need to buy more clothes for their wardrobe as work clothes are provided.

Enjoying Music Nonetheless Comments Off

Posted on November 21, 2012 by dorischua

The year is ending and it’s a time where people get busy with thanksgiving and Christmas. You work hard for the whole year so it’s time to relax, take a break and chill out.

A nice way to chill out is to listen to some good music or if you can play an instrument, that will work well too. You can find lot of affordable Fender American Vintage at Musicians friend if you are into that, otherwise, you can search for the right instrument that suits you. There is no better way than to enjoy some good music during festive season, whether or not you play music or not.

Living in the Digital Age Comments Off

Posted on November 21, 2012 by dorischua

Christmas is around the corner and I can see all the glitter when I was out in the shops. I love the spirit of Christmas and the bright colours and lights. Amazing!

This year, I thought it would be a good idea to look at customize t shirt for my family. It is personal and creative. There are lots of ideas when it comes to customizing and if you run out of thoughts, you can always search at google plus and gather some ideas of what other people are doing. I am so thankful that many things are web-based and with that convenience, lots of things can be done within a short time. Aren’t you happy that you are living in the digital age?

A Passion Within Comments Off

Posted on October 15, 2012 by dorischua

Just what would you buy for someone who devotes half his life to music. He eats and speaks music, plays and laughs about music. It’s such a wonderful thing to have a profession who is also a passion. Not many people have this opportunity to do something like that. My student is one of them and he would do a project on fantastic gibson and some music related topics and you can see the passion in his work. Music and art belongs together so with this knowledge for music, his art projects represents who he is. Now, this is what I call ‘passion’ within.

Finding the Right Bulb Comments Off

Posted on October 09, 2012 by dorischua

It’s annoying that the garage light isn’t working when we moved into this house and worse still, it’s hard to find the right bulb for it.

Since the electrician couldn’t find me the bulb I need, I had decided to go online to find bulbs. I didn’t know it’s so easy to buy it online, all I need to know is the bulb voltage and requirements. If I know this earlier, I wouldn’t bother asking the electrician for it…. it’s just a waste of my time, I reckon.

Buying Jackets for Winter Comments Off

Posted on October 08, 2012 by dorischua

I’ve always love to live in countries with four seasons, simply because I enjoy wearing nice jackets and sweats during winter.

One of the winter stuff I need to get is a good outdoor one which is comfortable and yet not too heavy on me. So I thought I should buy north face womens jackets online since it’s hard to find a good collection here. I know that online store prices are more attractive compared to the retail stores. And if I can’t find one, I can always wait for some others to come along.

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