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Indie T-shirts: Artistic and Exclusive 0

Posted on October 24, 2009 by dorischua

Nobody will turn away a nice artistic t-shirt that is unique and exclusive. I used to visit flea markets or local street stores for artistic t-shirts whenever I’m traveling. In every country, you can find indie t-shirts that are designed by budding talents and many of them are design or art students who use this medium to display their creativity.

With online technology, shopping for artistic t-shirts has been made easy. The cool thing is people are going online for most of the things, including travel, call centers, health products, wedding supplies…etc. And if you are a fan of unique and artistic tees, make sure you visit for cool designs. You can find collections for women, men, kids and hoodies. And if you have an artistic flair, you can even submit your design and stand a chance to see your creation being worn by someone while standing a chance to win in a $1,500 design contest.

There is no better place to find indie t-shirts than shopping online at Uneetee – check it out.

Indie, Cool and Unique T-Shirts 0

Posted on August 30, 2009 by dorischua

It is always an inspiration for me to see budding designers showcasing their works and creativity in art fairs and such. During my last trip to Singapore, I noticed a growing trend of creative t-shirt designers among the young designers and it was a good thing. The indie fashion industry is also growing as more teens and younger generation express themselves through artistic designs and creative pieces.

I was asked to shop for some urban, cool and unique t-shirts for a friend who is organizing an appreciation party for her art students. Without any doubt, I headed to the website of Uneetee which launches new t-shirt designs every Monday. Thus, you can always get new looks, new styles and designs if you are looking something different. I onced bought a cool t-shirt from the website and presented it to a friend in DNA testing studies… what a break from the traditional t-shirts on the racks!

So for cool t-shirts that are indie, creative and unique, check out the new t-shirt design every Monday!

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