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how about indie jewelry for weddings? 0

Posted on March 19, 2009 by dorischua

I just got news that a dear friend is tying the knot this coming August. For someone who designs indie clothing for a living, I thought she might be designing her own gown or bridal dress!

It is exciting to prepare for a wedding. I can still recall that time when i went shopping for diamond engagement ring with my then fiance. We ladies can be fussy when it comes to picking the right jewelry and infact, I wanted mine to be customized and handcrafted by an indie artist then. The quotation blew me off and I finally settled for a decent and affordable diamond ring.

Perhaps, some with the talents can design indie diamond jewelry for the wedding industry. This would be a nice and great niche to have…. as long as you have the talent to deliver.

planning for my wedding website 0

Posted on October 09, 2008 by dorischua

Lately, I have been busy preparing for my upcoming wedding websites. While designing a wedding website is exciting and fun, I have been thinking of ways to make my wedding website stand out from the rest. It is a very competitive industry, they say.

One of my desire is to see if I can tie up with indie jewelry designers or bridal gift designers to design a nice collection of wedding gifts and bridal jewelry, to be sold exclusively at my wedding website. I admire indie designers and artisan gifts and would love to promote them if given the opportunity. The key to this success is the research and time to find the right partners.

While I continue to planning for the launch of my wedding website, I am planning for Disney cruises for our little boy in our upcoming vacation. Friday is coming, I’ll be off to Singapore again :)

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