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Posted on March 04, 2009 by dorischua

I just got a call from a dear friend who was asking me about where to find a nice indie piece of jewelry for her upcoming wedding.

The first place that came to my mind would be Novica, my trust online store for indie designs including indie jewelry, clothing, home and decor products and more. Many of the indie designs are inspired by the artist’s culture and personal experience with nature and life. They are mostly unique and lovingly handmade from the heart. I can never get enough of indie designs from this online store.

Just last month, I bought an indie jewelry as a gift for my friend in the linear motion business. She loved it so much that she wouldn’t leave home with her indie necklace!

Ready for some indie shopping, check out the artistic collection from Novica.

indie works should be priced reasonably 0

Posted on September 19, 2008 by dorischua

Indie fans and enthusiasts know about etsy and its big list of budding designers, artists, crafters…etc. I mean, if you adore handmade and original products, etsy is a great online shopping marketplace. Some etsy merchants price their stuff reasonably while I find others abit overpriced.

The other day, I was looking for a handmade pouch for my new headphones and I wasn’t sure if I was going to pay $50 for a little handmade pouch :P I do support indie works and creations but I do believe that indie designers should not overprice their creations. This way, they can encourage more people to appreciate indie works!

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