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Featuring Doie Indie Tops 0

Posted on October 06, 2009 by dorischua

Shopping for nice stylish indie tops can be hard when you don’t know where to head. Today, I’m picking another indie label from our Indie Fashion Store and this time, let’s take a look at some women’s tops.

I’ve always love comfy , light and casual tops that aren’t pretentious or complicated. Simplicity is the key to indie fashion and I do appreciate those with a touch of uniqueness and individuality. Fair enough, everyone has his own taste when it comes to clothing. When we were renovating, it took both hubby and myself a couple of weeks to select the faucets we wanted for our house – we both had such differing views and tastes!

If you like indie tops that can take you from day to night, Designer Sara Kirsner’s label ‘Doie’ has some nice pieces. She created this clothing line after interning for DKNY and Marc Jacobs and freelancing in the design department at Anne Taylor. Doie was born from the idea that it is possible to be stylish and comfortable while still helping to protect the environment. Each versatile piece is made from a combination of bamboo jersey, an incredible soft and breatheable earth-friendly fabric, and 100% silk trim. These pieces transition from day to night and from lounging to lunching. Doie is made from the finest fabrics and is made in New York City.

If that’s not indie fashion, what else is?

Shop at Indie Fashion Store 0

Posted on September 28, 2009 by dorischua

Last weekend, we gathered a few friends and went for an outdoor adventure in the forest. It was great fun! It reminded me of the indie lifestyle that I used to lead before becoming a parent. What’s even more cool was that we got together during the break and a talented musician friend was strumming the guitar with his indie songs.

Few of our friends enjoy their indie lifestyle and they are known for trekkers, creative artists and travelers. It was great to learn about their expeditions in all their indie travels. One of them is a physical trainer who is always seen with his Kettlebell dumbbells but he had so much to share regarding his indie travels in Asia.

I got the chance to introduce The Indie Fashion Store to them since they were asking about where they could shop for Indie bags and clothing. It isn’t easy finding unique and quality ones unless you take the time to look for them. But with online shopping, buying indie clothing or bags is so convenient and easy. So if you are looking for indie tops, indie kids clothing or indie accessories, take a look at what the Indie Fashion Store has for you. Stay stylish and cool with what makes you happy.

Be Yourself, Shop Indie Fashion 0

Posted on September 24, 2009 by dorischua

I had a gathering with some old friends couple of months ago and a session like that brought back memories of how I used to adorn myself in indie clothing when I was a young adult.

At that time, indie clothing wasn’t that popular but being a design student, I got alot of inspiration from the students in the fashion department, which were always churning out creative works for their fashion shows. I did try to sew my own blouse at one time but never got round to finishing it! I am so glad that it is so easy to shop for indie clothing and fashion online these days. Believe me, you don’t need to wait for another retro movement to bring out your vintage blouse or skirt. Fashion is all about your individual flair and style, you don’t need to worry about what your friend is thinking about you.

In the late 80s where girls were wanting to stay so slim and started going on diet, this trend is still seen among many young girls. Well, appetite suppressants aren’t bad if you have an obese problem but everything should be done with great care. But you are dieting to fit into those cool clothes, don’t bother. You can find lots of indie fashion that is cool on style and you don’t need to be a size 8 to fit in. So start checking out on the indie clothing in the store and be yourself.

Indie Travel, Shopping, Clothing and More… 0

Posted on September 03, 2009 by dorischua

I’ve been thinking about a vacation this year end. Slow, indie travel sounds very tempting but it will be hard when I have a preschooler traveling with me.

Last year, I was planning to shop for some indie clothing when I was in Tokyo, Japan but my little one made it too hard for me to do that. Some of these indie stores are located in side and narrow streets which require one to climb a few flights of stairs. It was not feasible doing that with a kid. This is why I do most of the indie shopping online these days cos it’s so convenient! I even shop for designer t-shirts online whenever I need a creative and indie gift for my hubby.

Online shopping is my life saver when I became a mom cos I have practically not much time to browse and shop around in the malls or streets. With so many online stores in the web, you can buy the best eye wrinkle cream to the most unique indie jewelry piece. It makes comparison between products and prices alot easier.

I’m still searching for some indie travel in the web and reading reviews from travelers are helpful in all my travel decisions and planning. As for indie shopping online, get started in our indie store and check out some of the cool designers which promote green and eco clothing.

Indie Clothing Shopping in Singapore 0

Posted on August 30, 2009 by dorischua

I was away for a short trip to my hometown last weekend. It was nice to be back home again. As far as shopping for indie clothing is concerned, you are spoilt for choices when you are in Singapore!

After being told by some fashionable friends about the opening of the new mall, ION Orchard, I headed to Orchard MRT to check out this new place. I was glad to find some indie clothing stores like The Art Box and Womb at the basement. Womb has always been my long time favourite and it’s always so inspiring to spend a few moments there. Designer K-Mi Huang always surprises her followers with creative and innovative fashion pieces that are unique and individual. Womb has just the right selection of indie clothing for those who seek for something different. My friend in the motorhome insurance was shopping with me and couldn’t resist those funky and elegant blouses. They are outright cool, comfortable though a little pricey for local standards.

So if you are heading to Singapore, don’t forget to check out some local designers’ collection which often offer nice indie clothing. I can’t wait for my next trip in a few months’ time. It’s always good to go on a vacation!

Indie Fashion Just for Kids too 0

Posted on August 06, 2009 by dorischua

I’ve been under the weather the last couple of weeks. This fever keeps coming in and out and I’ve been getting more bedrest than usual. This gives me more time to surf and check online for more indie fashion since I’m home bound. Besides, I’ve been thinking hard about my micro niche in my online business.

One of the things that I find it so cool is that there are also indie fashion designed for little children. Well, by saying this, I’m referring to the organic clothing range I found online designed by responsible designers. So you may like to classify them as eco friendly fashion too. Indie fashion is often associated with ethical clothing where fair trade is often practiced.

So while checking on some colon cleanser reviews for my health business, I came across some cute Frenchy Baby Tunic Outfit made of pure organic cotton. Parents will love the Wide leg drawstring pants, short sleeve onsie, and the natural tunic with coconut buttons for their little babies. Besides I think they made great indie gifts too. And for more gift ideas for those who adore indie fashion, this OBLI Organics Kimono set is stylish and modern.

Vintage and Retro among the Indie 0

Posted on August 05, 2009 by dorischua

One thing in the world of fashion is apparent: Fashion comes and goes in cycles and what was in style when you were young will most likely be considered vintage fashion when you grow up and have children of your own. So those that you thought were indie and vintage can become the talk in fashion one day!

In the fashion industry, people have had to deal with fashions coming back in and out since the beginning of clothing. People have always been concerned with being the best dressed and as time passed, ideas for fashion started to wane and styles and ideas were repeated, hence the continued popularity of vintage fashion. Those who sought an indie lifestyle like to mix the old and the new. They like to show others that they are a fashion forward type of person who is able to confidently mix up fashions without appearing overly made-up or ridiculous.

Fashions will continue to come in and out of style as long as there are fashion designers and people there to write about and buy the clothes. We will not escape fashion, especially vintage type fashions, so we might as well embrace it and wear it proudly. Even if you are a technie dealing with software development, you still want to be socially fashionable in your own way.

So feel free to enjoy your indie lifestyle as you enjoy the world of vintage and retro fashion and make them as individual as you want. After all, you live only once.

Promoting An Indie Lifestyle Without Sacrificing on Style 0

Posted on July 22, 2009 by dorischua

Everyone has different tastes in fashion. No one carries the same tastes. Yes, of course there are trends however that is not what defines you. Some worry about how they can continue promoting an indie lifestyle while staying fashionable and here you will find some information on the questions you may have.

Anyone who knows Indie, knows what the style involve. T-shirts and jeans comprise most of the style. Some would assume there is no fashion involved when it comes to a T-shirt and pair of jean, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. Even the guy at the call center outsourcing knows that he can get stylish with just picking the right pair of jeans and tee.

The Indie lifestyle is a fashion itself. There are so many unique aspects of the style to consider. This is the one style which allows you to wear old clothes as a fashion. Not to say that looking like a bum will get you noticed or having others ranting and raving about how cool you look. This can be a misunderstood attire, then again, there’s no need to dress to impress!

No, this is the style of fashion, which allows the individual to create. It is the kind of style that always has options and never does it lack any of those at anytime. As long as the individual has some kind of creativity, they are sure to be fine when it comes to promoting an indie lifestyle while staying fashionable. There’s no need to compromise at all when you decide to go indie.

When you live the indie lifestyle, not only does in incorporate fashion, but it is a way of life. As mentioned before, the style you wear defines the person you are and the way you think of yourself as well. This is the reason why you don’t want to go overboard with the ragged look, since if done to the extreme you could leaving yourself looking as you care less about the way you look.

Indie Clothing At Australia Flea Markets 0

Posted on July 15, 2009 by dorischua

Whenever I travel to Australia or New Zealand, I’ll make it a point to visit the local Sunday or flea markets in the suburbs or city area. The flea markets in the Pacific tend to be very fun, creative and local. I used to purchase indie clothing, food and lots of other handmade accessories from those flea markets.

Indie artists are in aplenty in Australia and New Zealand and I was privileged to meet many of them. I have lots of respect for these creative and independent individuals as they have strong passion in what they do. I recalled meeting this lovely old lady who sold water color paintings at St Kilda’s beach in Melbourne… she was a real talent at her late seventies! Some of the most beautiful indie clothing were sold by home makers and you can also find other cool indie finds by the disabled community. Some of them made their living by selling their creations at these flea markets to support themselves and covering their own disability insurance costs.

Sometimes indie products may cost a little more and that’s because you don’t get another piece in the same design and style. In other words, they are unique and exclusive. Support indie.

The Indie Clothes And Lifestyle Scene – Be Unique! 0

Posted on July 03, 2009 by dorischua

The Indie genre is more than just a scene it is a whole way of life for many people who wear Indie clothes and practice the lifestyle. This genre came out of the 80′s punk scene as did many other lifestyle genre’s or scenes. It has evolved an entire culture around it and that marks the beginning of the indie lifestyle.

The Indie culture incorporates facets which dictate that followers (or leaders) are apart from the mainstream. They are unique in the way they dress, their beliefs, the music they listen to, the movies they see and appreciate. And much like other alternative followings including emo, rock and punk Indie practitioners are totally separate from most commercial institutions.

Dressing with cool in terms of Indie, is not that difficult. Get rid of brand names and drag out the old stuff from your closet, your mothers’ closet, your fathers’ closet and pay a visit to your nearest thrift shop. Anything hand-made works as does “old and battered” the older and more battered the better, but don’t be purposefully bleaching or battering as this is cheating. In fact any item of indie clothing you have kept from years ago, thinking it might be useful one day will be cool.


I first heard about the monkey jacket when talking to a friend who is a Rochester personal injury lawyer. The monkey jacket is a must-have Indie fashion item (although true Indie is not really supposed to be indicative of fashion). This type of jacket is much like the Beatles wore in the 60′sit is a mimic of a military frock coat, which fastens across the front with frogs. This item of clothing was worn by the mods in the 60′s when the two big fashion and lifestyle scenes were the mods and the rockers.

Whether they are Indie or not, I have seen many artists wearing monkey jackets, not least of which the late Michel Jackson and more recently Britney Spiers, I don’t believe any real Indie person would be caught dead imitating their style, let alone listening to their music. Nevertheless this item of clothing is indispensable to both the Indie and mod dresser.

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