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Shopping for Beauty Products And More

Posted on April 26, 2010 by dorischua

I can never seem to get enough of beauty products shopping when I’m overseas. From cult labels to organic beauty care, I like to try out new range and items especially when they are made of natural ingredients.

When I was in Hong Kong, I love to drop by Lane Crawford as the store carries an interesting range of beauty and personal products. From organic to the most popular street label, you can find lots of new products for the beauty queen. For a long time, I can’t seem to find the best eye cream for dark circles and I’m still searching. Shopping in Hong Kong can be cheaper than China and that explains many tourists from the mainland are buying up the fashion and luxury labels when they are in Hong Kong. There is also a growing number of local designer labels in the last few years and their works do come with a price too.

My girl friend is in Paris now and I can’t wait for me to update me on her search for indie clothing in this beautiful city. And if possible, I hope to visit personally in the near future!

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