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Supporting Indie Artist and Designer

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorischua

My hubby always think I’m fussy with home decorating but he doesn’t understand that all I was doing was to get things done right. We do have a clash of styles and ideas from time to time. It’s hard to get him to share my love for indie things and to embrace an indie lifestyle. And I don’t blame him.

We went shopping last weekend for some furnishings for the house. I wanted to check out some eco furniture and handmade stuff but he was complaining about how expensive they would be. He picked up some door hangers and placed them back when he found out they were hand made. In his opinion, handmade stuff always come with a price tag. I love supporting artisans and craftsmen so I took a different stance. To me, it’s not just about being indie but to encourage art and an eco lifestyle that I support artistic trade. If no one supports these artisans, it will be a waste of talents. Moreover, I like the way indie artists incorporate nature with their creations.

I may not be a craftsperson but I appreciate such indie products and I hope that these wonderful artisans will continue to share their love for design and spread their passion for a purer lifestyle. When is the last time you support an indie artist or designer?

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