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Searching for Natural Health Remedies

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorischua

Since I’m feeling under the weather, I decide to search online to find out some home remedies for my cold. I was checking this natural health remedies blog and enjoyed reading all the articles on alternative therapies.

In the past, I used to visit the doctor each time when I was ill. But as I grew up, I became more knowledgeable and started seeking for alternative therapies to get well. Doctors are great when you need a diagnosis but I tend to feel uncomfortable with some doctors who like to douse the patient with lots of prescription medicine. Some years back, I had a friend with some serious acne problem and he was searching online for sites such as to help him look better. After a long search, he finally came to a conclusion of making some lifestyle changes. Since, his acne problems started to improve.

So if you feel that you have had enough of prescriptive drugs, it’s time to check out some natural health remedies that can work for you.

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