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Down with a Cold

Posted on March 22, 2010 by dorischua

I am down with a cold and the sniffles is getting into me! I don’t like being sick. I can’t work, I can’t taste food, I have no mood to play and it’s just depressing! With history of skin allergies and rhinitis, my cold tends to last a little longer than usual. It is such a dread!

Those with eczema with understand the irritability you can get when the skin starts to itch. And in case you don’t know, it is hereditary which means if you have it, your children may inherit it. People with skin allergies need to pay close attention to their diets as some foods may trigger allergies. It is best to find out what causes the triggers and avoid those food or environmental problems altogether.

Avoid steroidal creams if you have skin allergies as excessive use can be harmful to your skin health in the long run. For now, I can’t wait to be well and dandy again.

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