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What’s Your Definition of Being Indie

Posted on March 15, 2010 by dorischua

Everyone has their own definition of being indie. For me, it means being individual, personal and ‘free’ without being tied to a particular trend or style.

These days, I have been learning more about living an eco friendly lifestyle. I learn to make my own home cleaner using fruit peels and have been reading about making my own facial masks! It is always interesting to know more about living naturally without harmful chemicals. Regardless of your lifestyle choices, you too can choose an eco friendly one and do your part for Mother earth. You can look for biodegradable household cleaners for your home as they are safer and better for the environment. There are many manufacturers who have opted to go environmentally friendly, just like the Anilox cleaner, which is made of eco friendly ingredients.

So if you haven’t found a definition for being indie, one of the ideas would be to take the path of being more environmentally conscious.

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