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Indie Musicians Get Innovation With Technology 0

Posted on January 07, 2010 by dorischua

I had the opportunity to get to know a indie musician friends who are working on a small performance this summer. It is always so inspiring to listen to some refreshing songs and pieces from this group of young people. To me, it takes lots of inspiration to write a piece of indie music… I simply have no talent for that!

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With technology, indie artists have more opportunities to promote themselves today. With all the social networking and video portal sites, musicians can submit their performances, gigs or songs and share their music with thousands, if not millions around the world. Some of them are so good in making video clips for their groups that the reach can be instantly explosive! Sometimes they store all their music in various video cards to organize themselves well. I admire the creativity and motivation of these indie artistes and musicians. There is lesser need to strum a guitar on the streets anymore as you tend to reach a small group of audience.

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Happy New Year from Indie Voice 0

Posted on January 04, 2010 by dorischua

The new year marks a new dawn for all of us. It’s time to put behind the past and move forward to attain new goals, new dreams and new hopes. For indie artists and designers, it may mean new inspirations for a new collection or a new innovation of some kind.

As I went shopping over the weekends, I couldn’t helped but took a look a the exhibition on home theater in a neighbourbood shopping mall. These led hdtvs are so impressive these days. I could literally imagine myself relaxing over a nice movie in front of the huge tv. I have a few indie designer friends who enjoy staying in the home theater after a hard day’s work. They reckon that it’s better than going to the movies and sometimes, they even invite a bunch of friends to hang out together.

Not sure if I will ever invest in a huge tv for my home but I know it will be nice to watch a live concert on that sort of screen. Back to this year’s resolutions, I hope to lead a healthier lifestyle and practice some indie principles. My visit to a local flea market will start the ball rolling as I play my part to support those indie artists in the making.

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