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Indie Fashion Movement Growing

Posted on January 13, 2010 by dorischua

I received a nice surprise a couple of weeks before the New Year. My hubby bought me an iPhone for my belated birthday and I was thrilled! After speaking a few indie friends of mine, I found out that they have been loyal users of this cool smartphone and one was even talking about creating an indie fashion application in the near future.

With thanks to technology, indie fashion has been more prominent now. More indie designers are promoting their designs and creations through online technology via blogs and websites. You can now buy handmade things from sites like Etsy and this helps to encourage the efforts of the indie design community. What’s great to know is that many of these designers and artists are stay at home moms or individuals from many parts of the world. The indie movement will continue to grow with this continuous support. Even a motorcycle accident attorney friend of mine is shopping at these design sites for more unique and exclusive finds.

Who knows, I may look into some indie fashion designs of my own in the near future when I find more time to fulfill my dreams and goals. Be an indie design supporter.

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