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The Oversized LoveSac: More Than Just an Indie BeanBag

Posted on May 16, 2009 by dorischua

NOthing beats a good movie over the weekends as we relax in the comfort of our new LoveSac beanbag. What I like about the Lovesac beanbag is that it has an indie design to it and is great for any corner of the house.

The oversized LoveSac was first introduced to us by a friend who got it as a birthday gift from his parents. Simple, minimalist and unpretentious, the LoveSac beanbag has several designs and sizes and you can even get a couple LoveSac for some relaxing and romantic time while watching your favourite movie. Imagine sitting in front of your LCD theater on the TV wall mount in your home theater and snuggling together in the comforts of the popular LoveSac, this is more than just a favourite among the indie designers and artists.

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