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Posted on September 24, 2008 by dorischua

I was pointed to check out Beautifeel, a shoe label and it just occurred to me that there are more and more entrepreneurs in the online shopping industry today. Not sure if you notice but indie fashion and indie labels is growing in popularity towards the mainstream fashion movements too. What’s encouraging is that these indie labels have even made it to the catwalk and created a greater awareness among fashionistas and trendsetters.

Ceramic vase, 'Ancestors of Cupara' Ceramic vase, ‘Ancestors of Cupara’

This vase, with its generous curves and graceful shape, comes from Shiroque. He takes his inspiration from the so-called “magic plates,” painted on ceramic and discovered in Cupara (Arequipa). No one knows the meaning of the figures, but they are believed to be a part of rituals and offerings for Pachamama, or mother earth.

Personally I do hope that online shopping for indie labels and label fashion will grow since the internet is the fastest way to reach the masses. For unique handcrafted jewelry, handmade, unique art vases, handcrafted jewelery, handcrafted beaded jewelry, unique handcrafted home products or handcrafted gifts, I like to shop at Novica, an online shop that represents artisans from all over the world. Shop Handmade Unique Art Vases by NOVICA Artist from Around the World here.

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