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thoughts about the coffee drinking culture

Posted on September 11, 2008 by dorischua

I thought it was a cool idea when I saw some cute coffee wedding favors on a wedding blog shop this afternoon. Though I’m not much of an avid coffee drinker, I have many friends who can’t get out of their house without their first cup of coffee every morning. Call it an addiction or a booster, all they need is to smell the sweet aroma and they are satisfied and inspired for the day!

Take a look around and you will know that the coffee drinking industry is growing by the sheer number of cafes springing up every street and corner. Most of these cafes would probably buy wholesale coffee beans or bulk coffee beans for their businesses. I suppose the coffee drinking culture has become the mainstream of today’s urbanites for all purposes, including work and play. And for those coffee drinking enthusiasts, discount bulk coffee buying may be just what they did to satisfy their daily cravings.

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