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keep warm on a cruise

Posted on August 19, 2008 by dorischua

Traveling with the family in cruises can be very fun when everyone loves an all-inclusive experience. We brought our toddler for a family cruise last year and he could still recall the great times we had whenever I played the vacation videos for him.

Transportation Stoller Blanket

If you are traveling with a young child or a baby, you may like to bring along baby blanket during those cooler breezy nights. Going out with your baby – pushing the stroller through the cruise or taking it with you when you go for a stroll is a great opportunity for you to spend time together, and for you to show your baby what the world is like. Unfortunately, it’s also a great opportunity for your baby to get sick from the temperature outside. Babies lose body heat quickly, so if they are going out, they need blankets. This Transportation Stroller Blanket from Dwell Studio Baby is perfect for the occasions. With one side printed in their signature patterns and the other side made of soft terry cloth, this blanket will keep your baby warm in style!

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