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medical science progresses with technology

Posted on June 22, 2008 by dorischua

There is no better than to pay more attention to health matters. I have been a health follower for many years due to my poor health in my younger days. As technology progresses to another level of sophistication, so does medical science.

While searching for more indie blogs and news in the web last few days, I stumbled upon a revolutionary information on how stem cells research has shown evidence that stem cells found in women’s menstrual blood can potentially treat many diseases including MS and Parkinson’s. This, I believe is great news as not many women had been exposed to stem cells research in the earlier days. As online shopping continues to become more popular among us, the health industry continues to grow with it. For instance, I learn that you can actually order your stem cell kit online but before that, you may want to read all about C’elle at the website first. Apart from that, those who are keen can also find out how to become a C’elle Distributor.

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