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radiograce – home school internet radio station

Posted on January 24, 2008 by dorischua


I grew up listening to contemporary gospel music and nowadays it is praise and worship that I am totally enjoying and I absolutely love it and look forward to finding out what new type of music source will be coming out next, available to everyone from all around.

Finding something that is healthy to help alleviate some of the terrible stress in your life is so very important and if listening to good gospel music is your answer, then please, whatever you do, continue listening to that music every single opportunity that you happen to get. There is no way that I personally could go through one single day without listening to some type of music, it just just really a large part of my life and will always be. Here’s a cool station: RadioGrace, Home School Radio Station, programmed by home school students and parents. You can find christian rock, gospel, contemporary christian music and praise and worship. I’m listening to it right now and it’s just a wonderful site I have discovered. So the next time you need an uplifting source, turn in to

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